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My work has always been art led, perhaps because of an early training as a painter at St. Martins School of Art, London. I am also a colourist and try to combine all my talents in the work I produce now. I make almost exclusively one off pieces for galleries and exhibitions or commissions. The main thrust of my work is a form of narrative paintings on my own hand thrown bowls, the subject painted on the inside relating to the subject on the outside. Alot of the fun in the piece is the fact that the viewer cannot see it all at once and must look all around the pot and inside in order to get the full impact.

My more recent work involves integrating small modelled human or animal figures into the narrative bowls, thus combining three dimensions with two dimensions. This makes for an interesting challenge. I suppose you could say that the act of turning the bowl in order to follow the narrative takes time, therefore I could claim to work in four dimensions. I am also producing a series of slip cast horses heads to be gaily painted in under glaze colours. Horses are a speciality of mine. This kind of work can produce great variety making it ideal for commissions.

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