Sliding Rock Contemporary Ceramics, An Ceardlann, Craft Centre, Spiddal, Co. Galway, Ireland. Ceramics Ireland, Irish Ceramics

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Because I am not formally trained in ceramics, I use clay in a unique way. The biggest theme in my work is a sense of humour. I try to give things a totally unexpected twist. I am endlessly fascinated by our real selves, us without the masks. Therefore my sculptures show people at play with each other, our pets, ourselves. They show us when we are good. Because I think we are, most of the time. Since 1999 I have begun making portraits. They are all commissioned work. I would like to be a cross between Norman Rockwell, Pieter Breughel and Gary Larson from the Far Side.

My work is not meant for an elite, everybody reacts on my work. Therefore I would like it if I could sell my work on a means-tested basis. My biggest thrill is the personal contact I get when I do commissioned work. I don t join competitions because I find them totally arbitrary. What one person loves, another hates. Art shouldn’t be judged that way.

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