Sliding Rock Contemporary Ceramics, An Ceardlann, Craft Centre, Spiddal, Co. Galway, Ireland. Ceramics Ireland, Irish Ceramics

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After spending 17 years in London Christy Keeney returned to his native Donegal where he now lives and works. His sculpted slab built heads and figures demonstrate a wonderful sense of draughtsmanship as details are drawn into the wet clay surface.

"I see my work as 3D paintings. The form is built up and stretched till almost flat, like a canvas, ready to take the drawing which will outline the figure or head.

In the figures, I make an attempt to express the human spirit in all its many forms. I like to work blindly letting the moment dictate my progress. When I see the form develop to some conclusion, I'll then add the features.
The heads are a study of the many varied features, and expressions that make up the human face”.

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