Sliding Rock Contemporary Ceramics, An Ceardlann, Craft Centre, Spiddal, Co. Galway, Ireland. Ceramics Ireland, Irish Ceramics

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My work is inspired by objects found on beaches and river beds, where unlikely combinations of disparate items support and hold each other. I make sculptural ceramic pieces and my current work is influenced by the modern architecture of Docklands juxtaposed with the remains of the old dock, by the river Thames in London. The relationship between solidity and fragility that can result from chance encounters is the theme that my work explores.

I use a range of techniques to achieve the separate elements in my work. Solid blocks of clay combined with organic material for the smoke fired cog like shapes. Slabs and press mouldings, (taken from objects on the river bank or structures in Docklands), are joined to create the architectural inspired structures. The vessels are thrown porcelain. I have used stoneware crackle glazes in delicate shades of blue and green on the vessels, with coloured permanent inks to show the crackle. Stoneware glazes have been applied to mouldings and some vessels.
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