Sliding Rock Contemporary Ceramics, An Ceardlann, Craft Centre, Spiddal, Co. Galway, Ireland. Ceramics Ireland, Irish Ceramics

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Mandy Parslow produces a range of wheel thrown high temperature studio pottery. Continually challenged by the natural landscape, she incorporates its ever shifting light and tones into a body of work that celebrates the individual. Pieces, both functional and decorative, are often altered on the wheel before being reduction or salt fired in gas or wood fuelled kilns. The decorative and firing techniques used aim to retain the vitality of the freshly made pieces and to give the surfaces subtlety and depth.

‘Inspiration comes from a multitude of sources – the area I live in, it’s mountains and the ever varying colours on them as the light shifts. From the making process itself, the tactile nature of clay and time spent experimenting with form and surface. I aim to make pieces that reveal themselves over time and use. Subtle surfaces that ask to be touched, tactile shapes that want to be held.’

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