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Conceptual ceramic art by Nuala ni Fhlathuin as part of the Eigse an Spideil festival. The show opens on Fri. 6th March at 6.30 pm and will run for a week at Sliding Rock Contemporary Ceramics, Ceardlann, An Spideal.

Nuala is a young artist from Lettermore, Co.Galway and makes mixed media work with a strong ceramic component. She graduated with a 1st class honours BA in Fine Art Ceramics from GMIT last June.

At what point does information add up to a personal sense of “knowing about” something? How does a personal knowledge of the world relate to wider structures of knowledge? For this exhibition I have made object based work (incorporating bird bones and ceramic material) which explores ideas of describing, labeling and cataloging. Handbuilt cubes and spheres reference the abstract units of measurements through which we catalog our lives. My aesthetic choices have to a large extent been influenced by ideas of truth and neutrality both in art and science.

My video work for the exhibition is also concerned with the theme of knowledge The Victorian emphasis on a physical, tangible dissection of the natural world encouraged a body of knowledge that was rooted in an examination of stillness and death. Modern technology allows us to capture and consider more ephemeral aspects of the world but does so at a second hand remove. In my use of video I have dealt with technology as a means of recording and revisiting fleeting states of movement and change.